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(Brain) Sleep Tincture - 30ml

  • $70.00

Sleep Tincture 30 mL

Sleep Formula 500mg CBD + 63mg CBN per bottle This is our supreme formula for sleep support. The Sleep Formula supplies a beautiful full-spectrum blend of all 120+ cannabinoids and hemp derived terpenes. This is added to our NEW advanced carrier oil blend of Hemp Seed Oil, Black Seed Oil and Coconut Oil. Our team of experts combined Hemp Seed Oil, Black Seed Oil and whole Coconut Oil to create an incredible and resilient delivery system for the formula’s main cannabinoids, CBD and CBN. Hemp seed oil has an incredible ability to help transport cannabinoids to the brain adding to the speed and effectiveness of our elevated CBN. We kept black seed oil in this wonderful oil blend, since it offers many great benefits to our body in addition to providing protection to the cannabinoids as they are transported through our body. Lastly we’ve added whole coconut oil to work synergistically with the hemp seed oil in advancing the cannabinoids ability to move around our bodies to key receptor sites, especially across the blood brain barrier. This new advanced carrier oil blend is a huge differentiator to what’s on the market today. The Sleep Formula formula provides an incredible ratio of 17mg of CBD and our highest level of CBN at 2.1mg per dose. With some of the highest levels of CBN on the market per dose. This product is a game changer. Choose from Natural or Vanilla