Superior Relief Package



The Superior Relief package is for those looking for a more power packed combo for relief from our daily life. This package includes our most potent formula, the Advanced Relief Daily Formula! The Advanced Relief Formula packs a powerhouse 34 mg of CBD and with 500mcg of CBN per dose. In addition, the Advanced Relief Formula contains a full blend of all the other 120 cannabinoids and terpenes to give you one of the most complete relief formulas on the market today. Additionally, you will receive our highly-regarded Sleep Formula which contains one of the highest levels of CBN available in the United States today. Our Sleep Formula packs 2.1mg of CBN per dose while still delivering 17mg of CBD. The Sleep Formula is perfect for calming the mind and helping you unwind from your long busy day. It’s perfect for the night time. This combo can help you feel relief through the day and achieve deep, restorative sleep at night, allowing you to be your best self the next day.

Advanced Relief (AR 1000) Flavors

Brain Sleep Formula Flavors

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