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This next level package includes our delicious Dragonfruit Taffies and our fan-favorite Sleep Formula. Start your day off right by chewing 1 taffy after breakfast to help pave the way for a calm and deeply focused morning. By afternoon time, chew another taffy to complete your day with determination and focus while maintaining a sense of calm in the body and mind. Once you are unwinding from your busy day and ready to relax for the night, take 1 full dropper of our incredible Sleep Formula with the highest level of elevated CBN on the market and achieve deep, restorative sleep. The elevated CBN in our Sleep Formula will increase your REM levels and allow you to wake up feeling more rested and restored than ever! After a week on this combination, your body will be thriving from the full daily balanced effect of both formulas.

Brain Sleep Formula Flavors

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Dimensions 4 × 2 × 7 in